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About us

Was established in 2004, our fields are:

  • Design for M.V electric switchgears
  • Manufacture for M.V and L.V electric switchgears
  • Assembly for M.V and L.V electric switchgears
  • Trade for many kinds of H.V, M.V and L.V electric equipments

Main market: Vietnam

Our opinion is that we will satisfy all customers requirements with competitive price by enlarging production line, up-grading acknowledge of engineers and staffs, innovating technology days after days.

Beside, we wish to vary our product range with the aim to serve different industries such as:

  • Metal Clad switchgears up to 40.5kV
  • Metal Enclosed switchgears up to 40.5kV
  • Controlling and protection panels for H.V and M.V power systems
  • Kiosk substations.
  • Marine switchboards.
  • L.V switchboards